Ladies hanau caning geschichten

ladies hanau caning geschichten

Nine clips of real-life American school paddlings under way. United Kingdom : TV news report, 2006: The Scottish school belt (tawse) rests in the museum; a local politician calls for it to be brought back. Part of our feature The Spanking Machine: A Resilient Myth in Popular Culture. Malaysia : Illegal immigrants caned. (1) A Georgia mother complains about the paddling of her daughter. (2) A state representative in Louisiana is seeking to get school

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corporal punishment abolished in that state. St Lucia : TV news report on the caning of a schoolboy, Sep 2009. (7) TV news item (in Korean) shows the bruised bottoms of teenage girls caned at a boarding school. (10) Twelve senior boys get a brisk classroom caning.

ladies hanau caning geschichten

(1) Graphic footage of a different Malaysian judicial caning. Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln, weitere Empfehlungen, etwas ist schiefgegangen. Uganda : A man and a woman caned in public. Senior pupils in a classroom in Iran have to put up their hands for punishment with a yardstick. (2) Clip of a similar but different 10-stroke rotan punishment, discovered in 2014. Zimbabwe : Illicit caning of man and woman by police. May 2015: Scenes of the accused at the court premises.

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United States : TV news anchor Shepard Smith describes getting paddled at his private school in the late 1970s. (7) 12 boys rulered at a high school in Saigon. (2) Corporal punishment alive and well in a district of south-west Georgia. Into your web browser search box. (3) New push to ban paddling in Texas. United States : Yet more salon toilettage prilly fréjus from Memphis. (2) More of the same. The clip relates to a supposed 'controversy' about caning for teenage soldiers at army apprentice school. Australia : TV news report (July 2014) about a government education expert who caused controversy by saying he supported CP in schools. (4) 13 boys are caned (two strokes each on seat) at the blackboard. (7) Practically a whole class of students are lightly caned outside their classroom. (5) An offender receives a caning in a police station. (11) 17 mid-teen students in a mass classroom caning. News report, June 2012: A shopkeeper in Quebec foils a would-be young robber and spanks his bare bottom. (1) A 22-year-old is awarded a five-stroke caning for blackmail. (2) July 2008: Teo is convicted and sentenced to jail plus 18 strokes of the cane. September (10.00 Uhr) das Urteil verkünden. (3) A school district in Louisiana revises its CP rules, notably to allow for parental choice. (2) Several students are seen being punished in a schoolyard in Azad Kashmir, under Pakistani rule. United States : Two TV news reports on an attempt to abolish school CP in Louisiana, June 2009. College boys celebrate attaining adulthood by receiving 18 whoops with a belt on the seat of their jeans in a Polish birthday tradition. (10) Four students paddled in tracksuit uniform. Kenneth Whalum of the Memphis (TN) school board, who wants paddling brought back. Scenes of extrajudicial or unofficial punishment in Mexico (3 Iraq (2 and Brazil (2). (6) A mass slippering of male school students, witnessed by both sexes. Australia : Cricket legend Shane Warne describes being caned at school in the 1980s. South Korea : Schoolboy.

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Singles mit niveau schweiz dietikon (2) A boy faces the blackboard to be punished with what looks like a ruler. Nigeria : Caning ordered by local court. It is a light-hearted affair, but a real punishment none the less. Three TV news films giving CBS, ABC and Fox takes on a 2007 bill (which failed) in Massachusetts that would have outlawed parental corporal punishment in the home. (2) A teenager is vigorously rulered on the buttocks by his female teacher.
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Art of touch hamburg escortservice basel Libya : Mass public whipping, 2013. (5) Four students receive strokes of the cane in a jocular atmosphere. Public flogging of a man and a woman by sentence of a local court, August 2015.
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